Terms of Service

Terms of Service


-you can request payments once your account is at least $2.00.Your payments will be processed within 7 days.At this moment we use only Paypal.

if you request but are not eligble to receive funds or you have added wrong id you can not request for a refund.We are not responsible for your mistakes.


We have no tolerance about cheating of any kind.Your account will be suspended or deleted.


Members from any countr may join.If you not log in mor than 60 days your account will be suspended.All suspended accounts will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity.You may request re activation of your suspended account but your earnings will then be zeroed.

If you have more referrals than your memberchip level allowed then you loose them if you not upgrade your account.

multiple accounts is not allowed,all these will be suspended and then deleted.


TOS is not comleted yet.






Terms coming soon ,site is new



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